First Time Applicant

First time scholarship applicants, please read and follow instructions carefully, and submit all materials completely by the deadline published.


Students who meet the following criteria are eligible for the scholarship criteria are eligible for the scholarship consideration. The Applicant:

1. Is currently serving in a church designated ministerial position at a supporting member church. Position can be full-time, part-time , or volunteer.

2. Is enrolling in a ministry related bachelor's or master's degree program at a Southern Baptist Convention, or a southern Baptist seminary whose graduates are              endorsable by a mission or ministry agency of the SBC. Doctoral programs are not included in the scholarship program.

3. Is a citizen of the United States, or legally documented immigrant.

Application Process - First Time Applicants

Application materials must be received by no later than two weeks after the beginning of a semester to be eligible for consideration for that semester's espense. The following materials should be submitted:

1. Completed application form

2. A typed request letter the includes the following:

     a. Personal testimony regarding salvation and call to ministry

     b. Explanation of current ministry position and responsibilities

     c. Course of study to be pursue, and statement of career objectives

     d. Statement of financial resources to be applied toward your education

3. Letter of reference from current pastor. If serving as a pastor. If serving as a pastor of a member church, reference letter should come

       from a church elected officer with direct knowledge of the applicant's work.

4. Verification of Enrollment and Account Statement from approved college or seminary.

Selection Process

Recipients will be selected by the Florida Baptist Association directors based on application materials provided. All scholarship applicates will be notified of the directors' decision by email or postal mail. Payment for eligible applicants will be made to the recipient's school of choice upon notification in accordance with the school's scholarship guidelines.


Scholarships are need-based, and will be payable to the recipients' educational institution.

Limitations are as follows:

1. The total amount of scholarship funds to be distributed in a given year will be based upon the accrued value gain of the FBA investment from which the

      scholarships are drawn.

2. Individual scholarship awards will vary based upon the student's expenses. Maximum per semester award will be 74% of the applicant's actual out of

      pocket expenses for tuition and fees.

3. Maximum lifetime award will bot exceed $12,000 for bachelor's degrees, and $10,000 for Master's.


If you have questions or need further information, please contact Sean McMahon at 850-877-7600 or